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Designer Kansa Thali Set

Designer Kansa Thali Set
Designer Kansa Thali Set
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Designer Kansa Thali Set
Designer Kansa Thali Set
Designer Kansa Thali Set
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  • Model: RS2450
  • Weight: 1.60kg
  • Dimensions: 11.50in x 11.50in x 4.50in
Ex Tax: $115.00

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite Designer Kansa Thali Set, meticulously crafted to combine traditional elegance with modern sophistication. This luxurious set is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to enrich their culinary rituals with a touch of heritage.

Set Includes:

  • One Designer Kansa Thali: Size 11.5 inches , A generously sized thali (plate) that serves as the centerpiece of this set, providing ample space for a wholesome meal. The thali features a beautifully polished surface with intricate designs, reflecting the rich craftsmanship of traditional metalwork.
  • Three Bowls (Large to Small): This set includes three versatile bowls, each varying in size, to accommodate a variety of dishes. Whether it's for serving curries, desserts, or side dishes, these bowls are perfect for an authentic dining experience.
  • One Kansa Glass: A finely crafted glass that complements the thali and bowls, ideal for serving water, juice, or any beverage of your choice. The kansa metal enhances the taste and is known for its health benefits.
  • One Spoon: A matching kansa spoon completes the set, designed for comfortable handling and an elegant look.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Kansa: Made from high-quality kansa (bronze), known for its durability and antimicrobial properties. Kansa is also celebrated for its ability to enhance the taste of food and promote holistic health.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each piece in the set is handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and exquisite finish. The intricate detailing and smooth edges add to the set’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Traditional Yet Modern: The set beautifully bridges the gap between traditional Indian dining and contemporary style, making it a perfect addition to any modern kitchen or dining room.
  • Health Benefits: Kansa metal is known to have various health benefits, including balancing pH levels in the body and enhancing digestive health. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Perfect For:

  • Festive Occasions: Ideal for festivals, celebrations, and special gatherings, this thali set brings a touch of elegance and tradition to your dining table.
  • Gifting: A thoughtful gift for weddings, anniversaries, or housewarming parties, this thali set is a symbol of timeless beauty and utility.
  • Everyday Use: Enhance your daily meals with the charm and health benefits of kansa, turning everyday dining into a luxurious experience.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild soap and warm water.
  • Avoid using harsh scrubbers or detergents to maintain the shine and finish.
  • Dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Bring home this Designer Kansa Thali Set and indulge in the royal dining experience it offers, while also reaping the benefits of this ancient metal. Whether for special occasions or daily use, this set is a testament to the beauty and functionality of traditional craftsmanship.

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