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Brass Antique LunchBox

Hammered Design Brass Tier with Tin Lining Three Compartments Office Tiffin Lunch Box, Volum 2400 ML, Height 11 Inch,Gold Hammered Design Brass Tier with Tin Lining Three Compartments Office Tiffin Lunch Box, Volum 2400 ML, Height 11 Inch,Gold
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About this itemHammered Design Brass Lunch Box , Material: Brass, Color: Gold, Weight: 1400 Gram, Height: 11 Inch, Width: 5 Inch, Volume-2400 ML(800 ML Each Compartment)Eat healthily by taking your delicious homemade sandwich, meals or snacks on the go, rather than spending money at the cafeteria, r..
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You can see that brass and pital tiffin boxes are starting to make a very strong return in the world of sustainable and chic eating. A combination of classic craftsmanship and modern design has facilitated their transformation from traditional Indian containers into what they are today. In this article, we shall explore the history, importance and how it could improve your everyday dinner experience.

The Legacy Of Brass Tiffin Boxes:

Brass tiffin boxes are steeped in tradition thousands of years old. They were originally created for carrying food to workplaces and schools in India. Today, they are valued for their longevity and timeless charm. Here’s why you should consider adding a brass tiffin box to your life:

Strength: It is a tough metal that does not corrode easily. It means that such dinners set made from brass will serve for many decades being an eco-friendly variant.

Warmness: As compared to other metals, brass absorbs heat fast but releases it slowly hence keeping the food warm over long durations of time. This is especially helpful when you need something hot on your move or at work.

Visual Appeal: These items do not only have utilitarian value; they also look good. Their sophisticated designs which feature polished surfaces bring certain beauty into the process of dining as well.


Brass is thought to possess antimicrobial characteristics which might contribute to ensuring that the food you consume remains fresh and clean.

If you want to buy something, then it is very important for you to understand why you are making the purchase.

Owning a tiffin box made out of brass or pital signifies more than just convenience; it means you want to express your devotion to being ecologically responsible as well as to demonstrate your preferences in terms of trends. These boxes are not only containers for food; they are also adaptable and useful for storing jewelry, mementos, or stationery.